Vertice Luma

We do projections

Luminate  Decor, Stagedesign & Installations



Decor & Stages

Product presentation Installation

Decor & installations

Event Video Installation

Stages & Mapping

TEDx Hilversum 2017 Objectmapping Installation

 Launch Modular Body by Floris Kaayk

7 interactive projection systems and 1 large cinematic screen (Synchronized on timers for the launch)


GrandView Avenue cd presentation

Relish @ PiP Den Haag

Ginko Festival, De Besturing Den Haag

Club OAK, Noordwijk

Connected, HHS Den Haag

Club Visuals & Led / projection Installations

Windowmapping Installation, 21 meters wide

Galerie Art Installation, Den Haag

Galerie Art Installation, Den Haag